Let´s get into the Basic Principles of Women.

Hey, this is the “Women’s Circle” and here we only talk about us.

This where we as women feel like home and talk about topics that move our souls. We are complex wonderful and powerful creatures and more than worth it to get to know and love ourselves more deeply.

Let’s create a fantastic community to live and enjoy our female power to the fullest.

BASIC PRINCIPLES „Nutrition MYTHS”   Your „Basics“ regarding:   VITAMIN B12 // GLUTEN // SOY // COCONUT-OIL // SUGAR // OMEGA 3 Vitamin B12 Vitamine B12 is not made from plants nor animals – INSTEAD  from bacteria. B12 is vital for us. We only need little of it- the amount of 2,3,4 micrograms is sufficient. […]

Event though we are all so unique we long for togetherness. But to form a bond to another person involves lots of trust, honesty and the willingness to letting go. We begin to feel how and invisible bond draws us towards each other. The space between this bond narrows and widens. Once our daily routine […]

How do I live a healthy and happy relationship? We love togetherness. But how do we enrich that togetherness for ourselves? You will find the answer reading those lines. Of course we could have talked about so many other valuable tips but we picked 8 we felt most resonated with us. More useful information you […]