This is a “Man’s” world.

What’s up guys?

On this page you will find topics that concern us in the modern men’s world. What does it mean to be an authentic man at all? How do I find my vision of life and where do I want to go in my life? What role does the vulnerability actually play?

If we want to live a content and happy life with our partner, then it is almost essential that we engage with the subconscious mind and our core. We finally need to manage to come away from a level-headedness and move into our body. Much of this what we have been brought up by since we were young.Evidently that is outdated and gives us a completely wrong self-image.

I invite you to share this with me here on this page.

Yours Timm

Everyone knows it but no one does it. Watching porn. When I was 8 years old, I accidentally went to watch my first “erotic film” in German. One of those who was always aired on television during the night time program was  recorded on a VHS and I thought was an animated film. Now I […]

“The death of your ego will be the beginning of your pure life” – Osho. I kept asking myself: What does that really mean what Osho said? Is my ego a good or a bad thing?  Everyone know these types of sentences „I can’t handle that guy, he has got a giant ego“ or „he […]