Let´s get into the Basic Principles of Women.

Hey, this is the “Women’s Circle” and here we only talk about us.

This where we as women feel like home and talk about topics that move our souls. We are complex wonderful and powerful creatures and more than worth it to get to know and love ourselves more deeply.

Let’s create a fantastic community to live and enjoy our female power to the fullest.

Basic Principles “Nutrition Myths”

BASIC PRINCIPLES „Nutrition MYTHS”   Your „Basics“ regarding:   VITAMIN B12 // GLUTEN // SOY // COCONUT-OIL // SUGAR // OMEGA 3 Vitamin B12 Vitamine B12 is not made from plants nor animals – INSTEAD  from bacteria. B12 is vital for us. We only need little of it- the amount of 2,3,4 micrograms is sufficient. […]

The Power of your CONSCIOUSNESS and how to use it properly.

Positive Affirmations for Autosuggestion  Properly applied, they are a key to your subconscious mind   At the beginning of the year I was in the ashram in Bali and learned a lot about our subconscious mind and inner power..  Wow, what a force we have in us! Every single one of us. So mindblowing.    […]