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Love doubles when you share it. Everything about each other can be found HERE.

How does a happy and healthy relationship work? What does your relationship tell about you?

How do we resolve our existing conflicts?

How can I form a stronger bond with my partner?

Event though we are all so unique we long for togetherness. But to form a bond to another person involves lots of trust, honesty and the willingness to letting go. We begin to feel how and invisible bond draws us towards each other. The space between this bond narrows and widens. Once our daily routine […]

8 Tips on how live a happy and healthy relationship.

How do I live a healthy and happy relationship? We love togetherness. But how do we enrich that togetherness for ourselves? You will find the answer reading those lines. Of course we could have talked about so many other valuable tips but we picked 8 we felt most resonated with us. More useful information you […]