About us

We are Alica and Timm walking side by side for several years now. Going through many ups and downs, visiting different countries with so unique cultures. We did this knowing that we could be more different from one another. The hearts meets the mind. Alica artistic free spirit, whereas Timm  is a rational pragmatic.

One is trying to explain the vast amount of visions and pictures whereas the other brings up arguments and laws. However we find one common language that both of us manage to understand. The language of love. Love is free from boundaries and conditions. Love always works if we manage to understand how we ourselves function. A partnership does not depend on our significant other – it only depends on us.

Be united but remain 2 individual people

Since then it has been and still is an incredibly exciting trip, we want to take you on board with us. A relationship is a never-ending adventure and a great gift. Not only the relationship with your partner, but also the relationship with yourself. Let us start this journey together and consciously enjoy every step of the way. Because being together is always more beautiful than being for ourselves.

The Secret Of Health For Both Mind And Body Is Not To Cry For The Past, Nor To Worry About The Future, But To Live In The Present Moment Wisely And Honestly“ Buddha

I am Alica.

To sit down still is incredibly difficult for me. I am always on the move and need my daily dose of nature. If I do not have to, I do not have the slightest clue about how technology works. I am from the Ukraine and have a total passion for traveling and foreign cultures.

Meeting new people and listening to their stories – there is nothing better. Adventure, art, laughter, joy of life … that’s my thing. My hobby is living outside of my comfort zone and not taking myself too seriously. Always high on life.

∇  Trained actress and presenter – lens and stage are my home

∇  Yoga, Hypnosis and Mental Trainer

∇  Relationship- Coach

I am Timm.

Common sense and I we are best friends. As a rational pragmatist I find it difficult to show my vulnerability. To finally get back into my body from level-headedness. This is my life’s mission.

It’s like a dance of power around the middle – bringing my thoughts, my soul and my body into unity. I love helping people to go their authentic way. Traveling and sports expand my horizons and inspire my being.

∇  Business consultant and economy expert

∇  Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

∇  Relationship – Coach

We are all companions who meet each other on a journey.